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A complete gaming hub that provides ownership, income, and self‑expression in a community unified through the joy of gaming.

you play

you win.

Banger is a web3 Platform made for the web2 games you already love: experience gamified objectives, ownership of your own assets, rewards, collectibles, and much more.

“With the rise of blockchain technology, we saw the opportunity to create a hub where we could reward game-time as well as wins”

Nicolas Keller - Banger Co-Founder

Those who

hold controllers

now hold control.

Our ecosystem allows us to build the welcoming community that gamers deserve. Every day, more ways to express yourself, from matches to guilds, marketplace to governance. More ways to rise to the top, whether it’s notching wins, banking coins, or gaining fans.

Banger Chain

Our own private chain allows the creation of a sustainable economy that aligns platform, currency, and ID/Wallet into one cohesive model.

Banger Coin

Our on-chain token is both a utility token and the primary mechanism created to offer our users a premium experience.


Bunnies represent our in‑game virtual currency and are used as a form of reward and a medium to engage with the Banger marketplace.

To be


Teamwork makes

the dream work.

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